Diamond earrings are one of the most popular gifting ideas in the world, especially for gifting to loved ones.  We review everything from the history of diamond earrings to the most popular styles, metals, and much more.

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Below are statistics about the diamond earrings market using our own proprietary data and methodology:

Valuation Range: $200 to $3,000,000+

Average Retail 14K Gold, 1 carat: $500 to $2,000

Market Capitalization:  Approximately $150 Billion to $300 Billion

Annual Global Sales:  Approximately $7.5 Billion to $15 Billion

Carat Weight, most common: .50 to .74 Carats, 1.00 to 1.24 Carats

Metal, most common: Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum

Birthstone Month: April

Diamond Colors: Clear/Traditional, Yellow, Pink, Other

Spiritual meaning: Love, Purity, Faithfulness

Mohs Scale Hardness: 10

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