The fastening is the method in which the diamond earrings are adorned to the ear.  The most common diamond earrings fastenings are the following:

Screw Back Fastenings

Diamond Earrings with screw back fastenings are the most common.  Screw backs have a threaded post and an attached nut to afix to the ear.  It has to be fully unscrewed to come off.

Butterfly Fastenings

Diamond Earrings with butterfly fastenings, also known as push back fastenings, come with a pin that pushes into the fastening.  These fastenings are not as safe as screw back.

Leverback Fastenings

Diamond Earrings with leverback fastenings are made with an enclosure that bends and latches behind the ear.

Snap Closure Fastenings

Diamond Earrings with snap closure fastenings have a hinge in the middle dividing the earrings in half.  A post is afixed to the open earring and clicks into the other earring half.

Omega Back Fastenings

Diamond earrings with omega back fastenings have an "omega" shaped loop and attaches with a hinge.  The shape looks like the Greek letter "omega".

Clip-On Earrings

Diamond clip-on earrings are easy to afix to an ear via a magnetic clip.  These can come off the ear fairly easily and not recommended for expensive diamond earrings.

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