Diamond earrings are jewelry ornaments that contain diamonds and adorn the ear.  While diamond earrings can be of the clip on variety, they are almost always designed for pierced ears, as they are relatively expensive pieces of jewelry.  Screw back and lever back diamond earrings are the most common fastenings.

Earrings, like most pieces of jewelry, have been worn for thousands of years.  Diamonds have existed in Indian culture for thousands of years.  It's possible diamond earrings have been worn for as far back as then, although diamond earrings were somewhat uncommon until the 17th century.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, therefore, jewelers love to incorporate diamonds into earrings.  The durability and ruggedness of the diamond makes it the perfect centerpiece for any jewelry product especially earrings.

There are many types of diamond earrings, including the popular diamond stud earrings and diamond chandelier earrings.

Diamond earrings are worn by both women and men.  Men sometimes wear a diamond earring in just the left ear, although fastion trends come in and go.  NBA all time great Michael Jordan is famous for wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings.

Diamond earrings have become one of the most popular jewelry accessories in the world rather quickly.  Just 100 years ago diamond earrings were only worn by the wealthy and famous.  Nowadays cheaper options exist to make diamond earrings one of the most popular, if not the most popular, type of earring worn today.

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